Lotina: "The team is very confident right now"

Lotina: "The team is very confident right now"

05 / 05 / 2012

Villarreal's head coach feels positive and looks forward to the match against Valencia

 Miguel Ángel Lotina is optimistic regarding the derby against Valencia in Mestalla, despite it will be very difficult to be able to deal with La Liga's third best team: "It's a beautiful match against a great rival. It's an important day and we visit their stadium with high spirits. It will result very different than against Sporting. It won't be so tense, but the points are very important an it will be an intense game for sure".

Our coach highlighted the victory against Sporting de Gijón, for it has raised the team's morale: "The team is very confident right now. That's the key. Our players know their potential and that's very important at this moment".

Regarding the fight to avoid relegation, Lotina analyzed the team's current situation: "Now there are more options of teams that can be relegated. Something similar happens every year at the end of the season. Everybody has something at stake and that's both good and bad. Granada is playing against Madrid that has already won the championship, but there's nothing to do against it. You have to focus on your own match and that's it. The rest is just not under our control".

Villarreal will try to keep the same game as visitors they have been practising with Lotina. "I miss San Sebastian's points. The match slipped out of our hands unfairly. We are playing solidly as visitors and we have to keep it up that way", he concluded.


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