List of players for the match against Racing de Santander

List of players for the match against Racing de Santander

14 / 04 / 2012

Miguel Ángel Lotina won't be able to count on Rossi nor Marco Ruben

Villarreal's head coach, Miguel Ángel Lotina, has released the list of players that have been called up to face Racing de Santander tomorrow (at 4 pm in El Madrigal, GMT+1).

The highlights of the list are the absences of Rossi and Marco Ruben. The Italian-American torn his right knee ACL once again and will be out of the team for six more months, while the Argentinian striker has a contracture on the right quadriceps. In addition, Mario is already facing the final stages of his recovery (hamstring injury) but Lotina has preferred not to risk and leave him out of the list. On the other hand, Ángel is back on the team after missing the last match and second team's Joselu is also on the list. The team will be meeting at 8 pm in El Madrigal.

The list of 19 players includes the following (one player will be left out):

Goalkeepers: Diego López and César.

Defenders: Gonzalo, Musacchio, Catalá, Joan Oriol, Zapata, Ángel and Marchena.

Midfielders: Bruno, Marcos Senna, Borja Valero, Hernán Pérez, Castellani, Cani and Camuñas.

Forwards: Nilmar, Martinuccio and Joselu.

Injured players:

Rossi and Ruben.


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