Villarreal CF, alongside the Valencia Marathon

18 / 11 / 2020

The Yellows have underlined their support for the important sporting event, which this year will only celebrate an elite edition

Villarreal want to show their support to the Trinidad Alfonso EDP Valencia Marathon, alongside the rest of the main Valencian clubs, in the regular act of twinning ahead of the 40th anniversary of the race. This year, there will only be an Elite Edition of the race, due to the pandemic, which has stopped the participation of public runners.

Fernando Roig Negueroles, Villarreal CF CEO, atended the event representing the club. He was accompanied by Paco Borao, maratón director; Elena Tejedor, Fundación Trinidad Alfonso director; Quico Catalán, Levante UD president; Ricardo Arias, Valencia CF ambassador; and José Puentes, Valencia Basket Club CEO.

Making the most of the ’40 años corriendo. Historia del Maratón Valencia’ exhibition at the Arts and Sciences City in Valencia about the history of the marathon in Valencia, the representatives of the club carried out the now traditional exchanging of shirts, although this year the Valencia Marathon wanted to mark the support of the clubs with a commemorative picture of celebrating the 40 years of the marathon. After, Paco Borao spoke about the history of these four decades, looking back at highlights from the marathon.


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