Staying grounded

10 / 11 / 2020

Vicente Iborra underlines the Yellows' good form, but he highlights that the team needs to be ambitious and work hard to continue to grow

Villarreal midfielder Vicente Iborra appeared in front of the media to analyse the Yellows' good form: "What we're doing at the moment is very positive. Beyond our situation in LaLiga or in the Europa League, both of which are very positive, what gives me the most confidence is seeing the team work day to day, the commitment that all my team-mates show, and the tremendous competition that there is among the players. All of this makes me think that will be able to continue this path of good results."

Despite being optimistic with the team's future, the Yellows' No.10 underlined that it is crucial to continue to work hard to grow as a team: "We need to be cautious. It's true that we're in good form. The team is competing well and performing with a high level of maturity. During the games, we've known how to impose ourselves on a lot of situations in the game, but we can't relax. We need to continue to work hard to improve and grow as a team. Keeping our ambition and not conforming is important."

Regarding his own role in the team, Iborra underlined that he was pleased with the trust that head coach Unai Emery is showing him: "A player always wants to bring things to the way. Luckily, I've been able to take part a lot, the team has been in good form and has good good results, so I'm very happy."

Finally the midfielder added that the international break will be a positive moment to recharge batteries and perfect certain aspects on the pitch: "We're feeling very positive and we would like to continue competing, but a rest to recharge our batteries and have some of our team-mates return from injuries isn't a bad thing. What's coming is going to be tough and we need the whole team. This week will be good for us to work hard, try and improve, have a bit of a rest after playing a lot of minutes, and to get team-mates back on the pitch, who due to injuries or niggles have been out of the team."

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