Villarreal Academy continues to grow

07 / 08 / 2020

The club's international expansion project goes from strength to strength

Villarreal CF, through the Villarreal Academy project, continues to expand its brand and export its methodology to a number of countries. In the 2019/20 season, the Yellows kicked off a number of exciting projects in the USA, as well as in Sweden and Australia.

The Yellows launched the following new academies: Villarreal North Texas, Villarreal NY Bolaños and Villarreal Force in the USA, Villarreal Puerto Rico, Villarreal Halland in Sweden and Villarreal Melbourne in Australia.

In the club's aim to help share the Villarreal CF methodology around the world, Yellows' coaches have travelled around the world for tryouts, clinics and campuses in countries such as Canada, Panama, the USA, Sweden, Puerto Rico, South Korea and Australia.

Villarreal Soccer Experience, an unforgettable trip in Miami

One of the most standout moments of Villarreal CF's international adventures during the last season was the Villarreal Soccer Experience Powered by LaLiga, an event which took place in Miami in November, with a number of activities, culminating with a prestigious U12 tournament with the presence of Yellows legends Marcos Senna and Diego Forlán.

Since September 2019, the Submarine have been taking part in a project working with Chinese club Dalian Pro, part of the Wanda group, which sees Yellows Academy coaches take part in sporting programmes in three schools in the city of Dalian. The coaches went to live in the Asian country and were part of the structure of three education centres for young players aged between six and 12.

Experiences and programmes at Villarreal's facilities

Villarreal CF's sporting facilities also opened up to academies around the world. Both players and coaches from the club's international academies and affiliate schools visited the Training Ground to take part in programmes and experiences such as the Coach Development Program, the Player Development Program and the Player Training Week. A standout moment was the visit from Villarreal's official affiliate school in Japan, Kashima Gakuen Academy, who landed in Vila-real with dozens of players to take part in a Team Playing Experience, where they trained and played friendly games in Spain.

Villarreal Academy adapts to the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic stopped sporting activity across the globe, but this didn't stop Villarreal and their academies from working with the talented youngsters. The coaches continued to stay in touch with players, families and academy directors through workshops and video conferences with special guests.

Fer Niño also took part in a video call with Mateo Villanueva, a player from Villarreal North Texas Academy, who had picked up an injury, and got advice from the Yellows Academy striker to return to the pitch stronger than ever.

In search of new challenges

After an excellent season internationally, Villarreal Academy will continue working to grow and reach more corners of the world next season. The majority of the Yellows' international academies have started their tryouts for next season, full of excitement ahead of more challenges. Endavant, Villarreal Academy!

For more information about the Yellows' international project, visit VILLARREAL ACADEMY.

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