Villarreal fan clubs show their charitable nature

10 / 07 / 2020

The official Villarreal supporters' groups will donate four boxes of much-needed products to Cáritas in Vila-real, Vinaròs, Vall d'Uixó and Madrid

The official Villarreal CF Supporters' Groups (La Agrupació de Penyes del Villarreal CF - APV) has launched a charity campaign that will see it donate four boxes of much-needed products, of a value of more than €500, to Cáritas in Vila-real, Vinaròs, Vall d'Uixó and Madrid.

The official fan groups L’Os Groc de Madrid, Llangostí Groc Vinaròs, Villarreal CF Vinaròs, Submarí Groc de Vila-real, Sant Pascual de Vila-real and Pardals Grocs de la Vall d’Uixó have been the groups who have taken part in this charity campaign, who aim to help those who most need it and minimise the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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