Impressive Villarreal B beat Hércules (1-0)

18 / 01 / 2020

The Yellow reserves put in a complete performance and take all three points thanks to a great header by Ramiro Guerra in the 88th minute

Villarreal B had to work very hard to achieve the three points against Hércules who are in a very difficult position in the table, but have a strong squad. The Yellow reserves knew what to do to execute the game to perfection and finally get the victory thanks to a goal headed in by Ramiro Guerra in the 88th minute.

The midfielder, who played his first official match after overcoming a long-term injury, came off the bench to score the winning goal. Ramiro had already played a few minutes in the ‘Premier International Cup’ that took place in England, but this was his first league match with Villarreal B. Without a doubt, a well-deserved reward after much suffering.

Villarreal B had several clear goal-scoring opportunities throughout the match. Carlos Blanco hit the post and Collado and Espiau made some powerful shots into the body of goalkeeper Falcón when they had everything in their favour. The Alicante side also had theirs, running into a great Diego Fuoli.

When it seemed that the match would end 0-0, the final play came to make it 1-0. Collado crossed the ball from the left, Edu Espiau returned the ball to the centre of the area and there appeared Ramiro Guerra to header the ball into the net in the 88th minute. The celebration was tremendous. It was no wonder. Villarreal B continue to climb up the table. Their next opposition will be Orihuela CF at Los Arcos.


Villarreal B: Fuoli; Andrei, Sofian Chakla, Carlos Blanco, Edu Adell (Migue, m. 74); Collado, Ramón, Lozano (Ramiro, m. 63), Baena, Ahn (Akale, m. 63), Espiau and Ahn.

Hércules CF: Falcón; Nani, Pablo Íñiguez, Perone, Benja (Diego Benito, m. 81), Jesús Alfaro (Olavide, m. 73), Yeray, De Lerma (Torres, m. 28), Vergos, Moha and Teo.

Goal: 1-0. Min. 88: Ramiro Guerra.

Referee: Leo Ollo (C. Navarro). Booked: Carlos Blanco (Villarreal B); Yeray, Vergos, Nani and Torres (Hércules).

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