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The Ladies First Team fine tune their nutrition

23 / 05 / 2019

The players had a great time in the kitchen with IMASDEP

The ladies first team had a great day in the kitchen at the Restaurante Entrelíneas alongside IMASDEP (Mediterranean Institute for Healthy Eating in Sport). During the visit to the Estadio de la Cerámica kitchens, the Yellows were able to go deep into the world of healthy and balanced nutrition. Furthermore, the connection and great relationship between the players was evident, as they had a great time preparing delicious meals, both for breakfast and lunch.

Héctor Usó, head of nutrition at the club, explained the objective of activities like this: "We do workshops like this because at Villarreal, we are always thinking that having a healthy diet translates into getting the best out of the players, both in terms of their health and their sporting ability. At the end of the day, what we achieved was to close the circle so all our athletes know how about nutrition and how to make different meals at home. That means they will not have to depend on the clu, as at home, they will be used to this way of cooking, and this is what interests us."

Lupe Martín, IMASDEP director, underlined the importance of a healthy diet in the world of sport: "This idea comes from IMASDEP, who are focused on healthy eating in sport. We work in a different way for each sporting discipline. Football is an impact sport, where there is a lot of physical contact. Due to that, the muscular structure of the players needs to be adequate to not only last the duration of the game, but also to last these possible impacts too." 

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