PHOTO: The meeting between the reserves and La Bartola at the Pinar Park.

Villarreal B and La Bartola laugh and have fun outside

18 / 03 / 2019

Both groups have fun in an entertaining get together at the Pinar Park in Castellón

Un momento único. El Villarreal B y el CEEM La Bartola se han reencontrado en el Parque del Pinar del Grao de Castellón para proseguir con las actividades de Endavant Igualtat que llevan realizando desde el principio de temporada.

A one-off moment. Villarreal B and CEEM La Bartola met once more in the Pinar Park in Grao de Castellón to carry on the Endavant Igualtat activities which have been taking place since the start of the season.

This time, both parties opted for a meeting point that was spacious and tranquil, far from the routine of the from the centre for people with mental health illnesses in Benicàssim, and far from the football pitches. A neutral place where these activities could take place, with space for refreshments too.

With more than half of the season already passed, the Mini Submarine and La Bartola centre users have got to know each other and made good connections: "The first activities are a bit about making contact and getting to know each other, with them telling us a bit about their story. The truths is that some of the stories really hit home and they make you realise how lucky we are. It helps me realised that I need to enjoy each moment and be conscious of the reality that surrounds us," explains the Mini Submarine goalkeeper, Diego Fuoli.

"This time, we decided on a distinct activity. We had snacks and we practised games with them," explained Fuoli, who has been taking part in activities within Endavant Igualtat since he arrived at the Yellows Academy. "It's a fantastic project. It gives us the opportunity to help people who don't have lives that are as easy as ours. Being able to share moments with them is really enriching."

Dani, who uses the centre and is a fierce Yellows fans, underlined his enthusiasm to take part in activities like this: "I like that Villarreal get their young players so involved. The boys are up for it and socialise with us. We have a great time whenever we meet."

Finally, Fuoli highlights the fighting spirit of all of the La Bartola users: "We have a lot to learn from them. They're fighters, who combat adversity and transmit happiness and you can see their incredible will to live. It is really emotional."

The Endavant Igualtat project, within the Corporate Social Responsibility programme of the Yellows, consists of an initiative driven by Villarreal CF, with the aim of making youngsters more conscious of distinct realities that exist beyond the world of football and to help hundreds of people linked to the distinct special centres throughout the province of Castellón.

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