The U11s are having a great season.

The 2008 generation continues to impress

11 / 02 / 2019

One of the standout generations of the Yellows Academy are competing at U11 level

In the footballing world there have always been standout groups of footballers who grew up together. There are a number of examples throughout history, with the 'Quinta del Buitre' being one of them. There are many more though.

For this to happen, trust in every day work is necessary. It is far from easy to keep a group of players who grow together and making sure that all of them have an excellent level. Villarreal CF is a club that firmly believes in the importance of its academy and this often happened. Many Villarreal B and Villarreal C players have come through the Yellows youth ranks.

One of the most recent cases of this is that of the first year 'Alevín' group. A total of eight of the team have played together for the entirety of their footballing career. They joined the club young and now they are flying.

Spending so much time together means they understand each other perfectly. Carlos Gutiérrez, Sergio Orzáez, Marc Bonanad, Ángel Liberós, Xavi Martínez, Unai Sellés, Leo Ibáñez and Alejandro Antonio Chavero are a group of exceptional kids, both on and off the pitch. They know each other almost as well as brothers would. Alongside them, the rest of the team is also having a great season. They are used to success.

At the moment, they are currently towards the top of the Valencia group for their age, the Superliga. It is called Superliga for a reason. The fact that they play 8-a-side means they do not have a fixed position, so they can appear in various parts of the pitch easily. They can be called whatever they want, but it is clear that the 2008 generation have a great future ahead of them.


  • Carlos Gutiérrez Sánchez.
  • Sergio Orzáez Ramos.
  • Marc Bonanad Mestre.
  • Leo Ibáñez Quintela.
  • Ángel Liberós Peña.
  • Xavi Martínez Reolid.
  • Víctor Maximino Alfonso.
  • Marc Quintana García.
  • Unai Sellés Malavia.
  • Alejandro Antonio Chavero Jiménez.
  • Mauro Tomás Negre.
  • Rubén González Hernández.
  • Alejandro Nájera.
  • Izan Salas Arjona.
  • Adam El Halabi Centelles.

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