PHOTO: Simón Moreno shoots at goal.

Villarreal B, unable to score against Ejea (0-0)

09 / 02 / 2019

The Yellows reserves outperformed their opponents in a match with refereeing controversy

Throwing everything but the kitchen sink at the goal. Villarreal B drew against SD Ejea in a match where the Yellows reserves were better than their opponents, but lacked a cutting edge when they needed to score. The match was also full of refereeing controversy, with two clear penalties not being given to the Mini Submarine, and a bizarre offside call when Dani Villa was through on the opposition goal.

In the first half, Villarreal B had a total of eight shots, while in the second half they had at least six. Ejea only had two, but they were good chances. First they hit the post, and then a cat-like reaction from Joan Femenías kept them out.

The first controversial piece of play came in the 36th minute. Simón Moreno lined up a shot and Garcés went through him from behind.

In the second half, there was more controversy. Villa received a ball in space, and the refereeing team signalled an inexistent offside when the striker was one-on-one with Loscos.

Finally, in the 88th minute, Moreno was brought down in the box once more. González González failed to interpret it as a penalty.

Despite this result, Villarreal B stay top of Segunda División B Group 3. Next up is an away trip to Sabadell (Sunday, 5pm CET).


Villarreal B: Joan Femenías; Migue, Roger Riera, Carlos Blanco, Edu (Rubén Mesa, m. 82); Iván Martín, Ramón, Morlanes, Fran Álvarez (Akale, m. 57); Nikola (Villa, m. 57), Simón.

SD Ejea: Loscos; Garces, Andriu, Mingotes, Lucho; Valero, Musta, Julio, Diego Suárez (Catalá, m. 75); Ramón (Lafita, m. 68), Mainz (Otín, m. 82).

Referee: González González. Booked: Roger Riera, Iván Martín, Simón (Villarreal B); Ramón, Andriu, Julio (Ejea).

Stadium: Mini Estadi at the Villarreal CF Training Ground (Ciudad Deportiva).

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