PHOTO: Sansone celebrates his goal at Vallecas

“The goal gives me more confidence”

14 / 11 / 2018

Nico Sansone underlines that Villarreal won't give up and will soon get out of the negative run

Villarreal striker Nico Sansone has appeared in front of the media to analyse the current situation regarding the Yellow Submarine. The Yellows No.10 was satisfied to score once more, after his goal at Vallecas: "I wanted this goal and I've needed it for a while. It's a special goal. A prize for my hard work. I got free, I hit it and hoped, and it went in. I want to dedicate it to my uncle, who died last June."

Sansone also underlined that the Yellows won't give up and will fight to change the negative run: "We need to be positive. In life there are good and bad moments. Now, it's our turn to go through a bad run. We won't give up, we will give our all and we will get out of this situation."

To see Sansone's comments, click on the video tab, which can be found just below the main photo.

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