The Endavant Esports family continues growing

The Endavant Esports family continues growing

16 / 10 / 2018

The 2018 Endavant Esports Gala took place in a packed Paranimf at the UJI

A reward for hard work! The 2018 Endavant Esports Gala took place this Tuesday in a packed Paranimf at the Jaume I University (UJI) in Castellón, with a great atmosphere. Villarreal CF wanted to recognise the 24 clubs, 25 athletes and two competitions that form part of the Endavant Esports family, with an event that saw more than 400 attendees, with unforgettable and once-in-a-lifetime moments.

The event was hosted by comedian and actor Leo Harlem, and saw a great number of attendees. As well as the athletes belonging to Endavant Sports, Villarreal board members, first-team coaches Javi Calleja and Quique Álvarez, and Yellows captains Bruno Soriano, Mario Gaspar and Jaume Costa were in attendance.

Javier Moliner, president of the provincial council; Luis Martínez, the member of the council for sport; Josep Miguel Moya, the director-general for sport; José Benlloch, the Vila-real mayor; Javier Serralvo, sports councillor; Conchi Bellorín, the head of the cabinet of the Superior Sports Council; Carmen Lázaro and Rafael Mayo, vice-deans of the UJI; vice-president of LaLiga, Carlos del Campo; and LaLiga4Sports representative, Pipe Gomez, were all there too.

Sadly, for sporting reasons, Pablo Herrera, Sebastián Mora, Sara Sorribes, José Vicente Arzo, Aitana Safont, Ariadna Edo and María Palacios could not attend.

For more than a decade, Villarreal has been collaborating with sport across Castellón, supporting clubs, elite athletes and distinct competitions, as part of its policy of social commitment beyond football, which the club carries out in its Endavant programme.

Currently, Endavant Esports reached around 14,000 people linked to sport in the province of Castellón. This ambitious project consists of both economic and sporting support, as beyond the money given to these sporting entities, people and events, Villarreal makes its medical services and facilities available, as well as whatever else they may need to help their sporting development.

Currently, through Endavant Esports, Villarreal sponsors 24 clubs: CA Playas de Castellón, TAU Castelló, CV L’Illa-Grau, CV Mediterráneo, CV Grau Castelló, Vila-real Bàsquet Club, Peñíscola FS Rehabmedic, Club Auto Vila-real FS, CD Balonmano Castellón, Club Natación Castalia Castellón, Club Atletisme Vila-real, Club Waterpolo Castellón, CFS Bisontes Castellón, Club Patí Castalia, Club de Handbol Vila-real, Club Esportiu Bàsquet Vila-real, Club Natació Vila-real, Nou Bàsquet Femení de Castelló, Club Eolo Castellón, Club Taekwondo Granjo, Club Patí Vila-real, Club Triatló Vila-real, Hockey Club Castellón and Club de Tenis Vila-real.

It also supports 25 athletes: Pablo Herrera (beach volleyball), Roberto Bautista (tennis), Sebastián Mora (cycling), Sara Sorribes (tennis), Ariadna Edo (Paralympic swimming), Vicente Arzo (adapted cycling), Lidón Muñoz (swimming), Pablo Torrijos (athletics), Claudia Conte (athletics), Aitana Safont (athletics), Clara Arnau (athletics), Osarumen Odeh (athletics), Rafael Culla (golf), Marta Fernández (canoeing), Vicente Claramonte (canoeing), Puchol II (Valencian pilota), Jorge Dávila (athletics), María Palacios (golf), Carla Masip (athletics), Pau Borillo (athletics), Yunier Pérez (athletics), Carmen Jiménez (Valencian pilota), Héctor Gasulla (athletics), Raúl Schelcht (athletics) and Eloy Hornero (athletics).

The Villarreal CF Pilota Valenciana Trophy and Penyagolosa Trails MiM complete the Endavant Esports family.

Prizes and recognition

Villarreal welcomed the new clubs and athletes involved with Endavant Esports. The clubs that joined the scheme this year are: Club Eolo Castellón, Club Taekwondo Granjo, Club Patí Vila-real, Club Triatló Vila-real, Hockey Club Castellón and Club de Tenis Vila-real. The new athletes are: Rafael Culla, Puchol II, Jorge Dávila, Carla Masip, Pau Borillo, Yunier Pérez, Carmen Jiménez, Héctor Gasulla, Raúl Schelcht and Eloy Hornero). They all went on stage to receive, a small commemorative submarine on behalf of the club.

What’s more, as well as the welcome for newcomers, the Yellows wanted to give a prize to a club and an athlete involved in Endavant Esports for their hard work and achievement throughout 2018. The club gave a mosaic trophy and a personalised shirt to the winners. The prize for Collective Sporting Merit 2018 went to Playas de Castellón Athletics Club, while the trophy for Individual Sporting Merit 2018 went to swimmer Lidón Muñoz.

The club also, for exceptional circumstances, gave a special award to Penyagolosa Trails MiM for its 20th anniversary.

Villarreal also wanted to pay a special tribute to the Spain women’s national field hockey team and the Spanish skater Javier Fernández. Despite them not forming part of the Endavant Esports programme, they represent, with their hard work and dedication, the values and spirit of the project. Because of that, the Villarreal first-team captains gave the ‘RedSticks’ the prize the Collective Sporting Merit 2018 prize, while Fernández got the Individual Sporting Merit 2018 prize, which was given by Villarreal president, Fernando Roig.

Finally, as the night came to a close, the athletes and representatives of the clubs and competitions involved in Endavant Esports went onto the stage for a ‘family photo’. Villarreal coaches Calleja and Álvarez and first-team captains, Bruno, Mario and Costa were also present for the picture.

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