“My confidence in this team remains intact”
General News   |  25 / 08 / 2017

“My confidence in this team remains intact”

Escribá believes it is best to stay calm after the Yellows’ two league defeats

Have a cool head and keep calm. That is what Villarreal Manager, Fran Escribá, believes is best right now. After the defeat against Real Sociedad he explained that, despite suffering two consecutive defeats in the league, the best thing to do is to keep calm and be patient as the team gets more and more of their players back fit. “Whatever can go wrong is going wrong for us. Now, we have to face this time by staying calm, taking advantage of the international break and believe that, when we come back, we’ll be back to ourselves. If half the team is missing, I trust in the half I’ve got to do the job, but when we get all our players back that we are missing right now, we’ll be a different team. My confidence in this squad, despite the first couple of results, remains completely intact”. 

The Submarine Manager believes that both the recovery of his injured players as well as the adaptation of his new players takes time and patience. “We have to be fair with the players. There’s no other team in LaLiga with 8 players out injured. We have to help the new players fit in to LaLiga and what we’ve faced has not helped with that. If there are people that think it is going to be like this all year, they are the same people that will say they knew the situation was going to change when it changes”.

The Manager also wanted to explain the last minute changes in the back line, due to injuries. “Rukavina picked up an injury in the warm up and he was going to start, but before that we found out Víctor Ruiz was not available to play at the hotel. He had a niggle that in the past has caused him muscle tears so it was too big of a risk. The only thing to decide was who we could use to replace him and we opted for Alfred, a player with a lot of experience as he was going to come up against great footballers”.  



Fotografía por: LA LIGA

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