The event brought together 16 Argentinean players that have played for Villarreal CF.

The living history of Villarreal CF and Argentina

01 / 08 / 2017

The #SubmarinoArgentino event reunited 16 of Villarreal's former or current Argentinean players

It was a meeting filled with history, the history of Villarreal CF and Argentina. The Posadas room at the Park Hyatt Hotel of Buenos Aires held the spectacular #SubmarinoArgentino (#ArgentineanSubmarine) event which brought together 15 of the 34 players that have or still form part of Villarreal CF’s history. The act was well covered media wise with an attendance of over 70 reporters. And the reporters did not go there in vain, as well as Villarreal CF’s Argentinian players, also in attendance were the current first team players, coaching staff, club directors, representatives of LaLiga and authorities.

The event, carried out with the support of LaLiga, consisted of a round table discussion with Juampi Sorín as moderator, the now retired Argentinean international who played for Villarreal CF during the 2004/05 and 2005/06 seasons, now works in the communications field as a commentator for ESPN. Sorín played a total of 60 games for Villarreal, scoring 8 goals.

The round table had Juampi Sorín (moderator and former Villarreal player), Arrubarrena (Argentinean with the highest number of official games for Villarreal), Gonzalo Rodriguez (second Argentinean with the highest number of official games for Villarreal), Juan Antonio Pizzi (former Villarreal player and current Manager of the Chile National Team), Fernando Roig (President of Villarreal CF) and Carlos del Campo (curren Vice President of LaLiga). All the reporters had the chance to ask questions to the people attending and had the opportunity to get exclusive interviews.

Villarreal CF landed in Argentina on Tuesday, and in the following two days will attend different celebrations and events before the game against CA Boca Juniors at ‘La Bombonera’ on Wednesday 2nd August (9:30pm, 2:30am CEST on Thursday in Spain).

The former and current Argentinean players that went to the event were:

  1. Javier Claut (2nd, 95-96)
  2. Diego Cagna (2nd, 99-2000)
  3. Rodolfo Arrubarrena (1st, 2000-01)
  4. Gustavo Barros Schelotto (1st, 2000-01)
  5. Juan Antonio Pizzi (1st, 2001-02)
  6. Juan Roman Riquelme (1st,2003-04)
  7. Fabricio Coloccini (1st, 2003-04)
  8. Sebastian Battaglia (1st, 2003-04)
  9. Gonzalo Rodriguez (1st, 2004-05)
  10. Juampi Sorin (1st, 2004-05)
  11. Mariano Barbosa (1st, 2005-06)
  12. Fabricio Fuentes (1st, 2006-07)
  13. Marco Ruben (1st, 2009-10)
  14. Gonzalo Castellani (1st, 2011-12)
  15. Hector Canteros (2nd, 2012-13)
  16. Leo Suarez (1st, 2016-17)

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