When piracy appears, football disappears

When piracy appears, football disappears

02 / 03 / 2017

Villarreal CF backs the initiative launched by LaLiga to raise awareness among fans

Villarreral CF would like to publicly support the anti-piracy campaign launched by LaLiga that will run until 9th April. LaLiga’s main objective is to eliminate illegal access to football content, with a clear message directed to all football fans: “If you watch football on illegal platforms, you're damaging your club and endangering its sustainability, as well as that of the competition and the sport as a whole”.

The campaign is mainly based on four areas, all of which look to help fans understand that when piracy appears, football disappears:

  • Stars disappear
  • Signings disappear
  • Sponsors and brands disappear
  • Supporters at stadiums disappear

The #ProtectYourTeam campaign will receive exposure in the press, across digital media and on the various channels operated by beIN, LaLiga's official broadcaster in Spain, as well as on all of LaLiga's digital platforms, which currently boast almost 30 million followers worldwide. LaLiga's international broadcasters will also show their support for this campaign, whose message for fans is that the biggest victim of piracy is football itself, and by extension each and every club that plays the beautiful game.

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