Fall in love with your team!

Fall in love with your team!

12 / 02 / 2017

Yellows fans have up to 50% off on 13th and 14th February

Fall in love with your team! Villarreal wants to celebrate Valentine’s Day as it should be celebrated, and so the club has set up a series of offers in the official shops and online to make sure fans can enjoy the day to to the full. The promotion will last for two days (13th and 14th February) and consists of a 50% DISCOUNT, off the initial price, on all official JOMA-VILLARREAL products. It also includes all JOMA shoes. It should be stated that official merchandise is not part of the promotion, which remains at a 10% discount.  

Date of the 'Fall in love with your team' promotion: 13th and 14th February

Points of sale and timetable:

  • Official Shop in the Plaza Mayor in Vila-real: 10am to 1:45pm and 5pm to 8:30pm.
  • Online Shop: 24 hours a day at the following link: Shop online

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