All CD Roda teams on pitch 3 at the PAMESA Cerámica Training Ground.

CD Roda just keeps growing

03 / 02 / 2017

The PAMESA Cerámica Training Ground hosted the presentation for the 36 Yellow and Black teams

CD Roda just keeps growing. This afternoon the club, that has been linked to Villarreal CF since 2006, presented its 36 teams (plus youngsters) in a spectacular celebration at the PAMESA Cerámica Training Ground (Ciutat Esportiva PAMESA Cerámica). This season the club has a strong Amateur men’s team, four U19 , five U16, five U14, eight U12, eight U10 and five U8 sides, as well as a football school (Escoleta) for children of 6 years and below and a goalkeeper programme. In total, the club has almost 700 players and 100 coaches.  

This is a record season for the club, as CD Roda's teams are at the highest level since its foundation 40 years ago by Pepe Roda. In five years the club has gone from having 19 to 36 teams and it aims to add even more.  

At the presentation event the 36 CD Roda teams were paraded one by one in front of the audience, not to forget the youngsters from the football school, and finished with an unforgettable family photo, a family that just keeps growing season after season. With all the players on Pitch 3 at the PAMESA Cerámica Training Ground, the CD Roda President, Jorge Roda, gave an emotional speech in front of the hundreds of fans who attended the presentation.





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