"It’s a match for us to be content with and proud of"

"It’s a match for us to be content with and proud of"

05 / 02 / 2017

Fran Escribá praised his side’s ability to compete despite having five players out

The Villarreal CF Manager, Fran Escribá, highlighted his team’s great performance to pick up a draw against Sevilla (0-0), in which they competed against the strong Anadlusian side with up to five players out. "It was a great game, really complete, and I say that for both teams. Despite the 0-0 draw, it’s one of those games people love to watch. We both had chances for it not to finish this way it did but because of both the goalkeepers and mistakes made it remained goalless. When we had the ball in the first half we created chances, but in the second we only made use of the counterattack. We put Cheryshev into the game to create clearer chances, but we produced few. But even so, it’s a match for us to be very content with and very proud of the players for".   

With regard to the good image the Yellows usually display against the big teams, the Manager explained that if the team is at its best they will always create danger: "We’re a team that defends well, very organized, and this causes problems for the big teams. We have to defend well, but also look to attack. We did get to goal but we weren’t clinical enough today, but it’s a game a Manager can be very pleased with".

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