Players from both teams pose before the match played at the Mini Estadi.

The Yellows Academy fall to Rivers United

14 / 12 / 2016

The Nigerian side were victorious in the friendly played at the Mini Estadi (0-1)

This morning a combined Yellows Academy side lost in a friendly match against Nigerian team Rivers United FC at the Mini Estadi in the Villarreal CF Training Ground (0-1). The game’s only goal was scored by striker Guy Kuemian in the first half. To see the best photos from the match just click on the Gallery tab above.

The African side came to Spain yesterday and are staying in the Hotel Bonaire in Benicàssim for a week in an iniciative launched by LaLiga. During this time, in addition to playing another friendly against CD Roda next Monday, Rivers United will train at the Villarreal CF Training Ground (Ciudad Deportiva) and the PAMESA Training Ground (Ciutat Esportiva PAMESA Cerámica). The team will also be given a tour of the El Madrigal stadium this afternoon.

Rivers United FC are a professional Nigerian football club that play in the Premier League, Nigeria's top flight. The club was founded in 2016 after the fusion of Sharks FC and Dolphins FC. They play their home matches at the Liberation Stadium in Elekahia, that has a capacity of 30,000 spectators.


Combined Yellows Academy: Nico; Mascarell, Fonda, Abaso, Pepe Castaño, Andi, Siles, Carlos Díaz, Fer Niño, Leandro and Nahuel Cisneros.

Also played: Fang, Carlos Casas, Bruno, Jack, Gonzaga, Jairo, Lozano, Fran, Edu and Trapa.

Rivers United FC: Rotimi; Ifeanyi, Festus, Olalekan, Gabriel, Nzube, Ojobo, Weli, Ovoke, Kuemian and Ogbugh.

Also played: Asamoah, Wike, Asekunuwo, Ysuf and Doihadji.

Goal: 0-1. Min. 23: Kuemian.

Referee: Cervera Valls, with linesmen: Pallarés Nadal and Moreno Grandjeanova.

Stadium: Mini Estadi.

Rivers United FC's schedule in Vila-real is the following:

Wednesday 14th December

  • 11:00am: Friendly against combined Yellows Academy squad at the Mini Estadi (0-1).
  • 5:30pm: Tour of the El Madrigal stadium, Official Shop and Villarreal CF Training Ground (Ciudad Deportiva).

Thursday 15th December

  • 4:30pm: Training at the PAMESA Training Ground (Ciutat Esportiva PAMESA Cerámica).

Friday 16th December

  • 4:30pm: Training at the PAMESA Training Ground.

Saturday 17th December

  • 4:30pm: Training at the PAMESA Training Ground.

Sunday 18th December

  • 4:30pm: Training at the PAMESA Training Ground.

Monday 19th December

  • 8:00pm: Friendly at the PAMESA Training Ground against CD Roda.

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