Fran Escribá: "I don’t expect it to be an easy tie"

Fran Escribá: "I don’t expect it to be an easy tie"

29 / 11 / 2016

The Villarreal Manager says the team will need to give 100% to beat Toledo

This Wednesday Villarreal will play the first leg of the Round of 32 of the Copa del Rey against CD Toledo at the Salto del Caballo stadium (7pm CET). Submarine Manager, Fran Escribá, expects a demanding match against the Second Division B side. "A lot can happen in two games and it's a tough tie. I don't think the difference is big enough to be able to sentence the match in the first leg there. I don't expect it to be an easy tie", he commented.

According to the Manager, the side managed by Onésimo play excellent football.: "Toledo have been close to getting promoted to the Second Division A for many years now. They play good football. Although we're favourites we will also have to be very wary. If we are not careful, Toledo can do us damage. They're a team with a lot of tactical variation. They change formation from game to game or even during matches. They pressure very high and have fast strikers, hardworking wingers and attacking full backs that like to get involved. I like what I’ve seen of them. Onésimo’s sides always try to play good football".  

Fran Escribá has chosen his 16 players, all from the First Team squad. "We’re going to make some changes. It's not a lesser lineup because they're a Second Division B team. To get far in the cup we have to get past these rounds that are more difficult than people think. If we don't think that they're two finals we won't get any further in the cup. Historically, there has always been a surprise in this round of the cup and we don't want to be that surprise”.

Condolences to the Chapecoense family

The Villarreal Manager also wanted to extend his condolences following the tragic plane crash involving the Associação Chapecoense Futebol team, that occurred as the Brazilian side were travelling to Colombia to play in the Copa Sudamericana: "We are so sorry to hear about this and we hope that the survivors recover very soon. The Chapecoense family and everyone involved with Brazilian football are in our thoughts. In addition, for me especially, Cléber Santana is in my thoughts, as I had him as a player at Atlético de Madrid. I have also spoken with Pato about the tragedy and he told me that he also knew some of the players and staff on the plane".

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