"It depends on us and we can qualify"
General News   |  03 / 11 / 2016

"It depends on us and we can qualify"

Villarreal Manager, Fran Escribá, analyzed the defeat against Osmanlispor and discussed the way forward

There’s nothing to worry about. This is the main feeling Villarreal Manager, Fran Escribá, gave off at the post-match press conference after their UEFA Europa League defeat to Osmanlispor (1-2). "It depends on us and if we win our two remaining matches we qualify. I’m convinced we’re going to do just that", he commented. "Logically, I want to get all 6 points left up for grabs. They guarantee us qualification and what’s more it’s our duty to do so. We can win the two matches left in this Group stage of the UEFA Europa League. We’re better than our two remaining opponents and we have to show that".   

Fran Escribá was self-critical and stressed that the team jumped the gun on many occasions in tonight’s tie against Osmanlispor. "Perhaps we rushed too much, especially after conceding an early goal. At the end of the match things opened up too much and I felt like either team could have taken it. We were definitely too impatient", he analyzed.

Fotografía por: HOYOYO

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