Jonathan: "Eibar will really put the pressure on us"

Jonathan: "Eibar will really put the pressure on us"

27 / 10 / 2016

The Mexican midfielder assessed the Eibar match and the Submarine’s current performance

Villarreal CF midfielder, Jonathan dos Santos, was the star of today's press conference –with his trademark smile- ahead of the match against SD Eibar. "Spectacular". This was the adjective Jonathan used to describe the Submarine’s start to the season, which has seen them go undefeated in all competitions so far. "Nobody expected that, after the really difficult start we had, we would be in this position. I think we’ve shown on the pitch how hard we work day in, day out, and we’ve got to keep going like this", he commented. In addition, the Mexican was excited about the team’s objectives: "We aspire to big things. It’s possible to go for third place, although there’s still a lot left to play. The mentality is to get closer to the best teams. It’s important to start like that, it gives us confidence, but we have to keep going like we have been so far. I want a win a title if possible".

With regard to the Submarine’s next opponent, SD Eibar, he analyzed how he thinks the team should go out next Sunday. "We have to keep playing as we always do, keeping the ball. They will really put the pressure on from the back. Perhaps we have to play more direct football, but in principle we’ll play our game", he explained.

Versatility in the middle of the pitch

Jonathan has got used to playing in many positions in the middle of the pitch over the years. Even so, he knows where he feels most comfortable due to his characteristics as a player: in centre midfield. But, he will "play where they ask him to". However, the strong competition has meant he has learnt to play in other positions, such as on the right wing or as an attacking midfielder, where he has already played a few times this campaign. "It’s whatever the manager asks of me. My position at the moment is more central and I try to make myself free in the middle to give us that numerical advantage there. I like to link up with my teammates. I don’t get to goal much, but I always try to put my teammates through", he concluded.



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