‘Club Atletisme Vila-real’ joins Endavant Esports
General News   |  24 / 08 / 2016

‘Club Atletisme Vila-real’ joins Endavant Esports

Villarreal CF continues to expand its sports sponsorship programme for this season

‘Club Atletisme Vila-real’ (athletics club) is now a part of the ‘Endavant Esports’ initiative. The club from Vila-real was added today to Villarreal CF’s programme that helps many teams and individual athletes from the Castellón province.  

The Yellows club wants to continue to expand its radius through the ‘Endavant Esports’ project, an initiative that started 12 years ago, with Pablo Herrera. From then on, the support provided by Villarreal CF has not stopped growing season after season. In this way, the ‘Endavant Esports’ programme is growing with the best clubs and individual athletes. In the past twelve years, the programme has reached more than 4,000 athletes. And now, the ‘Club Atletisme Vila-real’ has joined the group.

The help provided by Villarreal CF for all its athletes and clubs is not exclusively economical, but also sporting, providing facilities and health care.

‘Club Atletisme Vila-real’ was founded  at an earlier date, but since the current director, Mari Carmen Vidal, took charge in 2009 it has not stopped growing. They started with only ten players with federation licences and now they have got over 100. In fact, this season the club aspires to have more than 200 members. And so, ‘Endavant Esports’ gets even bigger.

Welcome to ‘Endavant Esports’!

Fotografía por: VILLARREAL CF

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