“We know we can make a comeback”

“We know we can make a comeback”

22 / 08 / 2016

Escribá emphasized that Villarreal are capable of turning the Play-off tie around vs Monaco

Villarreal CF Manager, Fran Escribá, stressed that his team is full of passion and faith to get through their Champions Play-off tie tomorrow in the second leg against AS Monaco FC (Louis II stadium, 8:45pm CET). Despite the disadvantage the Submarine is going into the game with, the Manager said his team have the ability and the experience needed to make a comeback: “We have accumulated fatigue and not many players available, but this will not be a problem for us. The physical side won’t be a problem. We are more than ready to face this match. We know that we can change the result from the first leg and comeback in the tie. However, it’s also key not to drive ourselves crazy thinking we have to score early on or that we have to score two goals. There are 90 minutes in front of us to score two goals. We have several plans on how to face this match. The goal that takes us closer to qualifying can come at any moment”.

Nevertheless, the Yellows Manager explained that his team must put in a perfect defensive performance, as if the tie goes in Monaco's favour it would become an uphill struggle. “It’s vital not to make any mistakes is defence. If we are capable of minimizing our errors and being more clinical, we will have qualification in our hands”.

Víctor Ruiz: “We have to play like we did against Granada”

Víctor Ruiz, who appeared at the press conference alongside the Yellows Manager, explained that the team’s goal is to continue to add to the good image the team gave against Granada, where it was only the woodwork that stole the victory. “From the outside everything’s easier to see, but we have to stop analysing Monaco in search of their weak points. We have to play like we did against Granada. I think we did more to win there than against Monaco. We know that we have to make a comeback but we are confident we can do it. We believe in ourselves and know we can turn this tie around”.


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