La Vilavella and Alfondeguilla, places to get lost in

La Vilavella and Alfondeguilla, places to get lost in

01 / 04 / 2016

Let yourself be seduced by these two towns from La Plana Baixa to be promoted against Getafe

La Vilavella and Alfondeguilla, enclosed in the La Plana Baixa region, will be the Endavant project’s main features of promotion at the match against Getafe, which will take place on Sunday 10th April (6:15pm CET) at El Madrigal stadium. Located in the interior and southern areas of the Castellón province, these towns have many things in common such as a rich Muslim history, which has greatly influenced the character of both towns.

La Vilavella resides at 30m above sea level, in the valley of the Sierra de Espadán, and is 20km away from Castellón de la Plana. From its hermitage, dedicated to Sant Sebastià, the patron saint of the town, the remains of its Muslim castle are conserved. It is important to point out the spring of the Fuente Calda, because of the mineral-medicinal properties of its water, which flows at a temperature of 27ºC; and the Spa, with water at a temperature of 40ºC.

For lovers of walking, it is a special place to go with the flow. La Vilavella has an Old Town where the House-Museum of the Alpargateros (canvas sandals' makers) is situated. Apart from this museum it also has more history. If we go deeper into the surroundings of the castle we can find a Muslim water wagon and some remains of the defensive towers. Moreover, the towns counts on a parish church of the Sacred Family inaugurated in 1756 as one its most significant monuments.

Alfondeguilla is a small, quiet town with 900 inhabitants. Part of its municipal area belongs to the Natural Park of the Sierra de Espadán. The first populations of the current Alfondeguilla were Roman, and later it was a Muslim domain, so both of these styles, from which we still have remains, were combined. In this town, the picturesque structure of its steep and narrow streets is remarkable. In the town’s main square is the parish church of San Bartolomé. Finally, the cosy, family atmosphere of this town must be mentioned. Truly charming in every way.

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