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Marcelino regrets the missed chance
Marcelino regrets the missed chance


Our head coach believes this experience will help the team learn for future clashes

Villarreal’s head coach, Marcelino García Toral, highlighted the fact that he regrets the missed chance against Elche. The Submarine drew 2-2 after leading the score by 0-2 during the first half. “When we scored the second goal we lost defensive intensity. They generated many chances in 20 minutes and scored two of them. We lost two points rather than getting one. I stand with the idea that of you allow two goals it is very hard to win a match. If we have had some defensive stability like in the last games we could be possibly talking about a victory. We can’t forget that the opponent performed well. This draw should serve as experience for the future. The attitude was very good. When we allowed the second goal the team reacted well. It’s a shame because when you win by 0-2 you have almost secured the victory, but we are a young team and this should strengthen our experience”.

The coach noted that despite the good game display of both teams, coaches normally don’t like matches with these many thrills. “Of course for spectators was a great game, but from a coach point of view is different. We lacked a bit of experience to close this match because we played against an opponent that was very much needed. We learned from what happened to us against Sevilla and Espanyol and I am sure that what happened to us this time also serve us for the future.”