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Jokic: “We must continue on this path”
Jokic: “We must continue on this path”


The defender, that played against Athletic highlights the good play of the Submarine

For the Slovenian, and despite the outcome, fans should be very satisfied with the great season of the submarine. “The result was a shame because I think the team played a great game during the entire match and points ended up being left behind at the end when there was little left to finish the game. I think we were at a high level and that the way we played was completely different from that seen in Granada. We must continue on this level of play. We should not complain, this team comes from the second division and is having a fantastic season. It is a very difficult league and I think that, being a comeback season, we must be very proud of this team.”

For the Yellow leftback, the season has come to a turning point and we must continue fighting tirelessly for each point: “The only option is to fight in every game, add up the points and get as many as possible. The first goal was the salvation and now we want to fight for the spot in the European competition. It is the great dream of this manager and the coaching staff and we will all strive for it. There are still many points and it will not be easy, but I think we’re ready.”

Jokic also explained that he is becoming more comfortable and his objective, as in the case of his colleagues, is to provide as much for the club as possible. “Every time I look more integrated into the team. As a player I’m playing more minutes, I feel more comfortable and I think I’m on the right track. The positions in this team are not easy to earn and we all struggle to perform, so the competition is always good. All of us are here to help because what matters is that the group is growing and we can all find our way to lend a hand. “

For the next opponents against Villarreal, the winger is aware of the difficulty of Valencia (Sunday, 7 pm Estadio Mestalla), but also suggests that the Yellows will have their options. “Now we visit Valencia, which is a game that any player would like to play. It will be a very difficult match, but I think if we use our strengths we will have our chances. Valencia are a team that has changed much with respect to how they played in the first round. They have become a force in the league and will be a tough, uncomfortable opponent, and they will also fight to stay in contention. Now all teams play us for something on this end of the season and it’s time to show that we want to be up, we want to play in Europe.”