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Japan’s J League takes note of Villarreal
Japan’s J League takes note of Villarreal

A deleagation of several members from the league have paid a visit to the club for a couple of days

Villarreal CF, an example to follow in Japan. A delegation from the J League has visited the club’s facilities throughout the course of the last two days to see how President Fernando Roig’s club works first hand. The Japanese expedition is led by Mr Hara, the Vice President of the Japanese league. Third Division teams Nagano, Kagoshima, Tochigi, Fujieda and Ryukyu are represented by those that make up the group. 

Their objective has been to get to know Villarreal CF up close, a club they see as a successful example of modern football and a mirror for their teams. The expedition has enjoyed special moments with some of the club’s employees and has had the chance to watch some of the Yellows Academy teams’ training sessions.