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Defeat against Levante Women (0-6)
Defeat against Levante Women (0-6)

Villarreal fail to win the local derby at the Mini Estadi

Villarreal lost at home to Levante (0-6). The visitors were the better side and took the lead in the first half with a brace from Alba Redondo and a goal from Erika, all before the half hour mark.

Despite the heavy scoreline, the team coached today by Sergi Campos – due to the suspension of Sara Monforte – did not give up and tried to close the gap in the second half. But the Yellows were unlucky to concede three more goals, scored by Mayra Ramírez, Tatiana and Erika.


Villarreal Women: Elena de Toro; Giménez, Lara Mata, I. Miguélez, Nerea; Kanteh (Estefa, m.46 minute), Ainoa (María Romero, m.69), Soldevila, Cienfu (M. Llompart, m.46); Belén (Lucía Romero, m.62), Sheila (Vera Rico, m.75).

Levante UD: Tarazona; V. Calligaris, M. Méndez, Alharilla, Paula T. (Estela, m. 58); Tatiana P. (Júlia, m. 75), Leire, P. Fernández (Carol, m. 58); M. Ramírez, Erika (T. Toland, m. 75), Redondo (Andonova, m. 58).

Goals: 0-1. Min. 16: Alba Redondo. 0-2. Min 18: Alba Redondo. 0-3. Min. 29: Erika. 0-4. Min. 54: M. Ramirez. 0-5. Min. 66: Tatiana. 0-6. Min. 74: Erika.

Referee: Maria Dolores Martínez Madrona. Booked: Giménez, M. Llompart.

Matchday information: Match between Villarreal Women and Levante Women, corresponding to Gameweek 14 of the 2022/23 Finetwork Liga F season , played at the Mini Estadi of the Ciudad Deportiva José Manuel Llaneza.