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Dela: “We have an exciting challenge ahead of us”
Dela: “We have an exciting challenge ahead of us”

The centre-back underlined the team’s excitement ahead of facing UD Logroñés (Sunday, 6pm CEST)

Villarreal centre-back Adrián de la Fuente, also known as Dela, appeared in front of the press before the play-off semi-final for promotion to LaLiga Smartbank against UD Logroñés, which will take place this Sunday at 6pm CEST at A Malata (Ferrol). The Mini Submarine defender underlined the commitment of the team and the importance of staying focused to get a positive result. Here are the standout quotes from Dela:

A big challenge

“We believe we’ve put in a sensational season, fighting to be top until practically the last game of the season. We’re working hard and we’re focused because we have a passionate and exciting challenge ahead of us.”

Working hard as always

“We don’t have to face this week in a different way, because it’s another game in the competition, and we have to work as we always do. Some of us have already experienced play-offs, but this time it’s different, because it’s over one leg, and a draw benefits us.”

Being united as one

“We need to be focused on ourselves and on the work we need to do, because we’ve had to go to full stadiums this year, and the team has competed well. We’re going to all be together as one to compete well.”

Aiming to win

“We’re a team who want to dominate and go onto the pitch to find the opposition’s net. A draw is good enough for us, but we’re going to try and win from the opening minute. This match is already a final. We’re going to give absolutely everything.”