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Lost chance (2-3)
Lost chance (2-3)


Villarreal waists a two goal lead and ends up losing the match against Barça


We came very close. Villarreal was defeated by Barça by 2-3 in a bizarre match. Our team played an outstanding first half but ended up letting the 3 points go and the two goal lead. Barcelona was not better but managed to come back and win the game.

The match started with a very intense pace and the Red and Blues had several attacking chances while Villarreal tried its best to defend. The visitors were loyal to their style and started dominating the ball possession. The Yellow back line was solid and didn’t allow any clear chances to Barcelona’s offensive game. Just before half time, Villarreal enjoyed the best chance. With a few seconds to go, Jonathan Pereira received the ball from Giovani and with an extraordinary pass served the ball to Cani who scored the 1-0. The best moment possible to get ahead on the score.

The second half looked just like the first but it was nothing like it. Asenjo managed to perform very good saves against Barcelona’s attacks while an outstanding center ball from Aquino on the 54th minute for Manu, allowed the Yellow midfielder to score a beautiful header for the 2-0. With this lead the Yellows closed their lines and tried to manage the advantage leaving the offensive initiative to Barcelona. But then Barça’s first goal happened. Dani Alves centered the ball from the side, hitting Gabriel who unluckily scored on his own goal. 

Despite the importance of the goal, it didn’t change the game a lot. Villarreal kept passing the ball and a strong defense while Barça tried their best to approach the Yellow box. Luck was not at Villarreal’s side during the match. With a bit more than 10 minutes to go, another center ball by Dani Alves was headed by Musacchio accidentaly on his own goal allowing the draw.

Sadly it was only for a few moments. Around the 82nd minute Messi allowed Barcelona to get the lead. Incredible but true.

On the 84th minute the game had its controversial play with a possible penalty foul on Aquino by Busquets that was called out of the box. No more time for the Yellows who ended up losing the match by 2-3.

Match facts:

Villarreal CF: Asenjo, Mario, Musacchio, Gabriel, Jokic; Bruno, Pina (Aquino, 35’), Trigueros, Cani; Giovani (Uche, 81’) and Perbet (Jonathan Pereira, 13’).

FC Barcelona: Pinto; Dani Alves, Bartra, Mascherano, Adriano; Xavi (Cesc, 61’), Busquets, Iniesta; Alexis (Tello, 61’), Pedro (Sergi Roberto, 89’) and Messi.

Goals: 1-0, min. 45: Cani. 2-0, min. 54: Trigueros. 2-1, min. 64: Gabriel, own goal. 2-2, min. 78: Musacchio, own goal. 2-3, min. 82: Messi.

Referee: David Fernández Borbalán (Andalucia). Yellow cards for Trigueros (89’) and Cani (90)’ for Villarreal and Alexis (49’) and Busquets (84’) for FC Barcelona.