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Convincing win for the Mini Submarine (4-0)
Convincing win for the Mini Submarine (4-0)

Goals from Ontiveros, Ferrari, Viveros and Jorge Pascual earned a win over Sabadell

Villarreal B beat Sabadell in their fourth pre-season test, the first at the José Manuel Llaneza Training Ground. Javi Ontiveros and Andrés Ferrari, both from the penalty spot, and Viveros and Jorge Pascual in the final stretch were responsible for the victory.

The first half was all yellow. From the second minute onwards, when Rubén Gómez made a good save in a one-on-one, Villarreal B dominated the game. A minute later, Requena’s through ball to Fabio Blanco, who read the play well, was the first statement of intent.

Next, a first touch move ended with Blanco setting up Tiago Geralnik, but the Argentinian’s shot went narrowly wide. In the next move, Ontiveros intercepted the goal kick and came close to scoring the first.

Still in the first half, Carlos Romero’s shot from the edge of the area with his less skilful leg forced Ortolá to do his best to deal with it. Shortly afterwards, Ontiveros scored from the penalty spot after a Sabadell defender had committed a handball inside the area.

At half-time, the visitors changed their starting eleven completely, with Miguel Álvarez introducing Iker Álvarez, Espigares and Lanchi. Just before the hour mark, Ferrari put the second on the scoreboard, also from eleven yards, after provoking the penalty himself.

In the final stretch of the game, Viveros and Jorge Pascual, two debutants this season in the B team, scored two goals in quick succession to round off the victory over the Catalan side.


Villarreal B: Rubén Gómez (Min. 46, Iker Álvarez); Marcos Sánchez, Hugo, Efremov (Min. 46, Espigares), C. Romero (Min. 46, Lanchi); Ontiveros (Min. 60, A. Forés), Tiago (Min. 60, Viveros), A. Gelardo (Min. 60, Del Moral), Requena (Min. 60, Carlo), Fabio (Min. 60, Rodrigo); A. Ferrari (Min. 60, J. Pascual).

CE Sabadell: A. Ortolá (Min. 46, Sebas); P. Monroy (Min. 46, Marc Vargas), Suárez (Min. 46, Biel Farrés), Callejón (Min. 46, Moha), Pau Resta (Min. 46, Tébar), Víctor Álvarez (Min. 46, Juanmi Carrión); C. Beitia (Min. 46, Sarsanedas), Astals (Min. 46, Sander); Gualda (Min. 46, Javi Gómez), C. Herrera (Min. 46, Naranjo), Domènech (Min. 46, Vladys).

Goals: 1-0. Min. 23: Ontiveros. 2-0. Min. 58: A. Ferrari. 3-0. Min. 83: Viveros. 4-0. Min. 84: J. Pascual.

Referee: Fuentes Molina.

Matchday informatino: Friendly between Villarreal B and CE Sabadell on Pitch 9 of the José Manuel Llaneza Training Ground.