• a. Planning and organisation of the Club.
      • a.i. Annual and multi-annual plans and/or programmes of the Club: See the Club's budget in note 25.3 of the notes to the annual accounts.
    • b. Contracts, agreements and subsidies
      • b.i. Contracts with Public Administrations: List of contracts and/or agreements signed with Public Administrations see document
      • b.ii. Subsidies: see note 18 of the notes to the annual accounts.
    • c. Governing bodies of the Club
      • c.i. Remuneration of the members of the Board of Directors:
        • c.i.1. The directors of Villarreal CF S.A.D. do not receive any amount for the work carried out as such. Nor do they receive any amount in the form of per diems or similar for attending the meetings of the Board of Directors.
        • c.i.2. The remuneration received by the directors, as shown in note 23 of the annual accounts, is due to the consideration they receive for their employment relationship with the Club.
      • c.ii. Remuneration plus travel and representation expenses for members of the Club's management during the financial year 20/21 amounted to 571 thousand.
    • d. Economic and budgetary information
      • d.i. Budget approved by the LFP: see note 25.3 of the annual accounts.
      • d.ii. Villarreal CF, S.A.D. annual accounts with auditor's report: see document
      • d.iii. Fees paid to players' agents/intermediaries for services rendered in the annual accounts for the 20/21 season amount to 4,241,309 euros.