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A story of fair play in the Yellows Academy
A story of fair play in the Yellows Academy

Alevín B Roda exemplify the values of the Yellows Academy during their match against Esportiu Vila-real B

Alevín B Roda gave a real lesson in fair play in their league match against Esportiu Vila-real B, held recently at the José Manuel Llaneza Training Ground.

They found that their opponents had only brought seven players to the game, one less than they needed to play on equal terms in an 8-a-side game.

Faced with this situation, the Alevín B Roda coaches decided to balance the situation and play with one less player. With fourteen youngsters on the pitch, the Yellows Academy team got the game back on track during the first half. Before, in the second half, bad fortune struck Esportiu Vila-real again.

The visitors suffered an injury to their goalkeeper, who was unable to continue and forced the team to put one of their outfield players on the bench and face the remainder of the game with six players. This difficult situation did not go unnoticed by the Yellow team’s coaches. On the contrary, it made the team’s coaches react immediately: “When we saw that the boy could not continue, we immediately took a player off the pitch to get back on level terms,” explains Nazareno Vélez, the team’s coach.

The wear and tear of playing six against six on an 8-a-side pitch took its toll in the final minutes of the game and, with the score already decided in favour of the home side, the Alevín B Roda coaching staff suggested to the other team and the referee that the end of the match at the José Manuel Llaneza Training Ground should be brought forward slightly.

Values, tolerance and, of course, gestures of respect towards teammates and opponents are one of the great hallmarks of the Yellows Academy. The Villarreal CF school is more than a football academy. The Yellows are committed to the complete training of the young talents who wear the shirt, educating them in the values that the Yellow Submarine represents and defends above and beyond results.